Our little pots of loveliness are made up of 100% fruits & vegetables. Nothing else.

Nana Nice Creams are a naturally dairy free alternative to ice cream.  They aren't just delicious, they're good for you too!

Our unique range of delicious Nice Creams are: Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Guilt Free.

Little monkeys love Nana Nice Cream as much as the grown ups do which is great news as our pots contain ONE OF YOUR FIVE A DAY.
Each pot is crammed full of goodness straight from Mother Nature.

We believe that there are too many people counting calories and not enough counting chemicals. We don’t like to mess with our food. That’s why you’ll never find any chemicals or additives in our Nice Creams.

It’s our mission to show you that NUTRITIOUS CAN BE DELICIOUS. Now you can enjoy a rich, creamy and deliciously decadent tasting treat with absolutely no guilt. Honestly, tasting is believing.

Spoons at the ready! Lets take a look at just a few of the reasons you will fall in love with Nana...


Our Nice Creams are lactose free, suitable for vegans and those on a dairy-free diet.  Everyone can enjoy them!  There are so many people out there, who, like Margie can’t eat Dairy.  In fact it’s been estimated that nearly 75% of the world’s population are actually Lactose Intolerant.  But does that mean giving up your favourite foods? Not any more it doesn’t!  You scream, I scream, we all scream for… NICE CREAM.
You could easily be lactose intolerant and not even know it. Lot of people don’t have enough of the enzymes that are needed to help digest lactose (the sugar in dairy products). So, cutting back on dairy could mean you are less bloated, have a flatter stomach, as well as clearer skin.  Just one of many reasons to eat Nana!

Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are so important!  Our bodies love them, so we’ve added amazing avocadoes to our delicious blends.  The vitamins and antioxidants found in Avocados are crucial for glowing skin and healthy looking hair.   Creamy deliciousness and nutritious.  Meaning our pots can help you eat your way to gorgeousness.

No added sugar

We’ve not added any sugar to our pots.  Instead, we’ve relied on Mother Nature to boost the deliciousness of our Nice Creams.  You’ll find apples and dates in our pots because they are bursting with goodness! Apples are high in fiber and immune-boosting Vitamin C whilst being low in calories.  And dates are a great source of dietary fiber and give a slow and sustained release of energy into the system.  They help to maintain energy levels and keep an over-active appetite at bay.  Yet another reason to tuck into our Nice Creams.

No additives

…no preservatives.  No worries!  We don’t like adding anything to our pots that isn’t necessary.  Our pots are so deliciously good for you, we wouldn’t add anything to change that!  Our pots are 100% natural and we strongly believe that there are too many people out there counting calories and not counting chemicals.  If you can’t pronounce it or haven’t heard of it, you can sleep easy knowing that it won’t be going in our Nice Creams.


Why do we love Nanas?  They’re creamy, rich, and sweet. They are a such an amazing source of both vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber.  With all that fiber, bananas will help you feel full and keep cravings at bay.  Yay.  Bananas also release energy slowly, so they help the brain stay alert for longer whilst the high potassium levels energize the brain, and the magnesium improves focus.  Bananas can also give an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy.  So you can snack happy with our Nana’s!

1 of your 5 a day

A creamy, delicious treat that tastes deliciously decadent, which actually makes up one of your five-a-day?  No, you’re not dreaming!  It’s really true.  We’d pinch you if we could, but instead why not try one of our Nice Creams and taste for yourself.  Our pots are packed full of goodies, straight from Mother Nature, including bananas, apples, avocadoes and berries.  You won’t believe how deliciously good these are for you.