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Ditching the dairy inspired
Margie’s oh-so-very-Nice Cream

Ever since she was little, Margie has been bananas about good food.
It’s a passion that continued to simmer away in her while she was completing a Masters in Law after having finished her studies at Oxford University. So, soon afterwards, she took a culinary about-turn and headed off to Ireland’s world-renowned Ballymaloe Cookery School.

Margie then worked in a number of top London restaurants, cooking professionally at Windsor Castle, as well as volunteering to teach Zulu women the art of cookery in South Africa.

With all this diverse experience under her chef’s apron, in 2011, she set up her own catering company and online blog called Made by Margie. It was the perfect place for creating and talking about food that she’s really passionate about. Food that is both nutritious and delicious, with a dairy and gluten-free emphasis, and little or no refined sugar.

Before long Margie had gained a host of loyal followers and regularly cooks for some of the biggest names in fashion.

Spreading the dairy-free word

It was discovering that dairy products were causing her sluggish digestion, heavy feeling, and other niggling ailments that inspired Margie to create her special dairy-free Nana Nice Cream. Because if there was one special treat she didn’t want to give up – it was rich and creamy ice cream.

Rich, creamy & guilt-free.

Always up for a challenge, Margie put her nutritional know-how to good use and invented her own 100% dairy-free ice cream. Plenty of trial, error and licking of spoons later (the tough part of the job), she settled on a banana based, totally natural ‘ice cream’ recipe. The other magic ingredient that gave her creation its sublime, silky texture was, avocado.

Margie invited friends and family to try her new frozen pudding. They thought it absolutely yumptious and surprisingly sweet and creamy. Next, she offered it to clients she cooked for at parties, who also raved about it. The time had come for everyone, of every age, to enjoy this indulgent, dairy-free goodness.